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Harvest Moon Design specializes in creating high-quality, professional web sites for small-to-medium-sized companies and organizations. Regardless of your budget, we can deliver an effective online presence that will help attract and retain customers and help boost your business and your image. Along the way, we'll explain everything we do in terms you can understand. We pride ourselves on making it as easy as possible for our clients to establish themselves on the web.


Harvest Moon Design can develop your web site from start to finish, from concept to publishing and promotion. Or you can bring your ideas to us and let us turn them into reality. Do you already have a site that just needs some work? We love to tinker, and we'll speed up those slow-loading graphics (often improving quality in the process), improve your site's navigation, fix cross-browser compatibility problems and discuss ideas to freshen up your site.

While we do build the foundation of our sites using Microsoft FrontPage 2000, much of our page building is done by hand-coded HTML and/or server-side scripting languages like PHP, ASP, and JSP. We find that this approach gives us a combination of efficiency and flexibility that can't be accomplished using just one or the other. And we never (unless you really want us to) use FrontPage themes or templates, or any other cookie-cutter approach, to design our pages. Each site is designed from scratch to ensure that your online presence is an appropriate reflection of your business or organization. Back to top


Harvest Moon Design can create custom graphics and animations for your web site, or we can convert your photos, artwork, doodlings, etc. into web-ready images that will breathe life into your site. Back to top


PHP, ASP, JSP, CGI, Java, and JavaScript can add excitement and interactivity to your site, and Harvest Moon Design can do them for you. We'll never  try to sell you on these or any other technologies, however, unless we feel it will truly enhance your site. Unnecessary programs and animations take up space, can slow download times, and frustrate your visitors, often prompting them to leave your site before your message even reaches them. Probably not what you have in mind when you're trying to establish yourself on the web. Used sparingly, however, they can add real value, and fun, to your online presence. Back to top


Harvest Moon Design can link your database to your web site, or build a database for you, and then build a custom web-based interface for database administration. Many of our customers enjoy the convenience of being able to make their own web site updates (event schedules, special offers, monthly publications, etc.) without having to know a single line of code or markup. Back to top


Harvest Moon Design can register your site with the major search engines, and we'll use META tags, titles, descriptions, alternative text-representations for images, and other strategies to maximize the chances that your site will be near the top of the search results. We'll also give you lots of ideas for marketing your site through more traditional channels. Back to top


If you'd like, Harvest Moon Design will maintain and update your site, whether or not we created it. Or, if you're a do-it-yourselfer, we'll tell you what you need to know and what software you'll need to maintain the site yourself, or we can build a database-driven site that you can maintain without any special software or programming knowledge. Either way, it's critical to the success of your web site that your content be kept fresh and that your visitors will come back again and again to find out what's new. Back to top


Harvest Moon Design will happily advise you on how to select the internet service provider (ISP) that is right for your needs and budget. Back to top


If your chosen ISP doesn't offer web hosting services, or if its hosting services don't meet your needs, Harvest Moon Design will help you find an affordable alternative. We can help you determine what is a good deal for you and what isn't. Back to top


Regardless of who hosts your site, if you want your address to be


instead of something like


(you get the idea) then you'll need to find an available name and register it with a domain registrar such as Register.com or Network Solutions. Many web hosting services will handle the registration process for you at no extra charge; you only pay the domain registrar, who will bill you directly. Please don't let anyone charge you a lot of money to do the registration for you. Back to top


Got a question about the internet, the World Wide Web, and how it all works? Don't understand the difference between gif and jpg or between Java and JavaScript? Wanna know what a Digital ID is? SSL? CSS? PHP? JSP? Just drop us a line and we'll respond within 24 hours where possible. Advice is always free. If we don't know the answer to your question, we'll try to direct you to someone who does. Back to top


Although we don't publish a rate sheet, we will provide you with a project estimate up front, based on your individual needs. We charge an hourly rate only for work that we do for you. That is, there is no "setup" fee, no monthly, quarterly, or yearly charges, etc. We don't charge you for doing nothing!

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